Westside Staff

Meet the Westside Dental staff that brings the best shiny smiles to Columbus.

Dr. John R.  Sadaghiani D.D.S.

General Dentist - Columbus, OH

(25+ years experience)

Kimberly Sada

Dental Hygienist

(20+ years experience)

Jessica Rooker

Dental Assitant

(10+ years experience)

Alyssa Rooker

Dental Assitant

(8+ years experience)

Raven Morgan

Dental Hygienist

(15+ years experience)

Our Mission

at Dental 2000, West Side Dentist

Welcome to the West Side Columbus Dentists section where we provide services to patients from all over Columbus, OH. Our West Side Dentist Office DBA Dental 2000 is located in the West Side of Columbus, sometimes referred to as westside.

The South West Side dentist office is equiped with the necessary equipment that our dentists, dental hygenists, endodontists and periodontists need to ensure a quality highend dental treatment for Columbus patients.

Our practices are dedicated to making quality dentistry affordable and we are committed to providing our patients with the highest caliber of care, which they deserve. Excellence is our benchmark and we strive to attain it in everything we do and in everything we are.

From a friendly environment to the level of excellence of our staff, our emphasis is always on quality and personal attention. We pride ourselves in making our patients' visits as pleasant as possible. We stress and encourage continuing education and retraining for all our team members. We research and use the latest equipment and techniques which help us achieve optimum results in the most comfortable way.

Dr. John R. Sadaghiani, D.D.S

The Dentist with experience

Dr. Sadaghiani attended the University of Ohio weslyan. He graduated from Ohio state college of denistry 1989. Dr.Sadaghiani has spent the last 25 years providing the best services to his patients by attending advance seminars in cosmetic denistry, oral surgery, periodental surgery.

Crowns and Bridges

Sometimes when a tooth has a large amount of decay or is chipped or broken, a crown (cap) is needed. Our Westside Dentists provide crowns that are comfortable and esthetic. If you are missing a tooth or a few teeth, a bridge – which is a series of connected crowns – may be an option to replace the missing teeth.

Cavities & Fillings

Tooth decay (cavities) is often preventable with good oral hygiene, however, even with our best efforts tooth decay does occur. If you have a cavity, Our Westside Dentists will remove the decay from your tooth and fill it with a natural, tooth-colored filling to restore your tooth to its natural form and beauty.

Dental Implants

Think of a dental implant as an artificial root. It is a titanium prosthesis that is in the shape of a tooth root and is used to replace a missing tooth. When a person has multiple missing teeth, multiple implants are often placed. In other cases, implants can be used to secure a denture and provide more comfort & stability.

Family Dentistry with a Difference

Dental Care For All In Columbus

When you are searching for a dentist that can work with your entire family, John Sadaghiani, DDS has you covered! The dentists from our West Side Columbus can work with your family, as well as children's dentistry. This allows us to ensure that even the youngest, and oldest, patients are receiving the dental care they expect and deserve.

Emergency 24/7

If you are in pain and you need immidiate care, call us to schedule an appointment.

Friendly Staff

The girls at our West Side Dental practice are very friendly and will take good care of you.

High-end Dentistry

Looking for the highest-quality dentistry that networks do not provide, we are here!

Avoid Pain

Sedation can be used for everything, invasive procedures to teeth cleaning, have no fear.

Avoid Medication

We only use medication when necessary. Infection, swelling, pain and sedation.

Natural Ingredients

Avoid Mercury and any poisonous chemicals in your blood. We use high-end material

Services we offer

at Dental 2000 West Side Columbus

We have a caring team that offer patients the following services in a friendly and comfortable environment.