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Meet the Westside Dental staff that brings the best shiny smiles to Columbus.

Dr. John R.  Sadaghiani D.D.S.

General Dentist - Columbus, OH

(25+ years experience)

Kimberly Sada

Dental Hygienist

(20+ years experience)

Jessica Rooker

Dental Assitant

(10+ years experience)

Alyssa Rooker

Dental Assitant

(8+ years experience)

Raven Morgan

Dental Hygienist

(15+ years experience)

Dr. John R. Sadaghiani, D.D.S

The Dentist with experience

Dr. Sadaghiani attended the University of Ohio weslyan. He graduated from Ohio state college of denistry 1989. Dr.Sadaghiani has spent the last 25 years providing the best services to his patients by attending advance seminars in cosmetic denistry, oral surgery, periodental surgery.

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